RedToken Europe AB

By combining the power of non-IBM and IBM High End Central processing for blockchain and AI algorithms with Multitenant cloud provider technologies we are building a totally new Blockchain and AI TPS (transaction per Seconds 100.000 platform.

" RedToken Global creates a unique global banking security id and restoration of keys to prevent frauds and missuse of digital assets with the new supercomputer in focus."

Mikael Bramstedt CEO Founder of RedToken Europe AB
Contact: +46 708 714 724

High Performance
30 times faster then current z/Mainframe systems

IBM or Sourcing can have large corporations to share one Machine to the same price as Operating each customer separately

Advanced Security

30 times more efficient with new encryption hardware architecture

IBM Supercomputer can decrypt a
blockchain ledger in 3 days instead of 300 days.

Redtoken functions can be decrypted as they operate directly Behind IBM new Crypto hardware architecture

Green Technology  

100 – 1000 times less power energy needed with central super computer processing when central or distributed tokenization, blockchained and AI network including smart contract management

Private and Public Tokenization

Bankable Initiation Token and transaction id Enterprise White Label Backed Crypto Assets and Coins BankID / OpenID / TrustID/ interoperability RedTokenID authentication, authorization and secure zone SingleSignOn (SSO) Tokenization for real time settlement and traceability and tracking

Corporate embedded Wallet

Enables blockchain multilevel membership and accounts management with extended permissions.
Handles company blockchain channels/zones enrolments, endorsement policies
Smart contracts with public and private blockchains (e.g. Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum)

KYC – Bankable Compliance

Enterprise Bankable ID and Key Restoration

Blockchain wallets for associated mainframe accounts, enabling accounts to perform blockchain transactions and smart contracts

A secure bridge between IBM mainframe and blockchain accounts/wallets via RACF user X.509 ECDSA certificates using IBM z/Connect

Restore of private and public keys in IBM Global bank safe system - Hyper protection Security Key